About Multidisciplined

Multidisciplined has been borne out of frustration. Repeatedly, I've struggled with the ways that the internet attempts to fragment my identity. For fiction, you need a fiction site, which needed to be separate from the music you make, or the art you make. I was tired of this implicit forcing function.

What does it mean to be multidisciplined? As I've explored in How To Enjoy the Dread of Being a Generalist, being multidisciplined is accepting the the generalist reality that there isn't any one thing for me. I'll move between areas of interest fluidly and that will include both in the written space and the music and art that I make. Multidisciplined is an embrace. As such this serves as a way for me to write about any and all topics that interest me (mostly things that I'll call blog posts, sometimes fiction), post my music and art, and whatever other offshoot of creative work that I see as relevant.